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  • Freedom! Would you prefer to spend some more time by that lake, or to take a short nap on a green meadow? To enjoy your lunch a bit longer, because you just met other travelers or a local, and you really like the chat? Or, just because you feel like enjoying the lunch / dinner Macedonian way – long and relaxed…
  • Choice! Would you prefer to choose where, when and what to eat for lunch or dinner? Or, you may prefer to choose your co-travelers instead of joining a group of people you have never met before? You may also wish to skip some route, and stay more in another place? It is also possible, you just need to call us.
  • Price! Get the same experience for less money. Not only that you don’t pay the guide fees, but also guide’s expenses (lodging, food, etc.)
  • Responsibility! Our holiday package includes maps, detailed route explanations with photos, smartphone app to follow the track! We know that this may be your first hike on this mountain, so everything is prepared in details. You are responsible to follow the map and the trail, and to respect the mountain. If your orientation skills are pretty basic, please don’t leave the trail – you are in the mountains, with no traffic lights and basic signposts. You certainly don’t want to get lost here. And please respect the weather! You don’t want to find yourself in the mountains in a heavy rain, thunders or fog.
  • Explore at your own pace. You don’t need to wait for the rest of the group, or to force yourself because other hikers are getting away ahead. Take photos, learn the local herbs and teas, you can also feed the turtle passing by! (I feed them with a cucumber – they love it!)… Or, would you like to challenge yourself to the peak and run? It is your hike!

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