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Difficulty: Moderate
1 Day
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Moderate route that takes you through the mountains in Central Macedonia – Jakupica Massif. An all-day hiking tour of 20km and 1300D+ will take you from village Papradishte to mountain hut “Cheples” (1.450m) and then through Babuna river springs finishing in village Nezhilovo – all in Mount Dautica and part in Jakupica.


North Macedonia in its geography has its own Massif Central in the mountain range of Jakupica.

The mountain massif is centrally located in the heart of the country and its composed of several constituent mountains: Jakupica-Mundzica, Goleshnica, Dautica, Karadzica, Kitka and Osoj. The most prominent peak and actually its highest peak is Solunska Glava (2540m asl). One of the best hikes in order to begin exploring this natural treasure is taking a hike from village Papradishte to mountain hut “Cheples” and then through Babuna river springs finishing in village Nezhilovo – all in Mount Dautica and part in Jakupica. We suggest this moderate hike of 20km and 1300D+ that requires 7-8 hours of walking. The starting point is at village Papradishte located at 1000m asl. overlooking Azot region. In the mid-18th century families from the local Mijak tribe have emigrated in this area from the nearby Bistra mountain villages – Galichnik, Lazaropole, Gari and Tresonce, and have brought with them their cultural identity and customs – most notably the village architecture, their masonry craft and fresco-painting skills.

Jakupica is rich with flora and fauna typical for sub-alpine regions, pastures and torrents, where many water springs spread all over the mountain offering the cleanest water for drinking and refreshment thus the alternate name of the mountain – Mokra Planina (Wet Mountain). As you begin this hiking tour following jeep roads in the heart of beech-wood forests you will notice that the area around the village is surrounded by many wild fern fields – dried fern was the ideal building material used by the first settlers to cover their roof tops. Thus the name of the village – Papradishte (Fernville). It is an indescribable pleasure to stay in this area no matter if its winter or summer. Especially in summer you can find many wild berries, tea herbs and the delicious mushroom “morchella”.

Our first stop at 7km is mountain hut “Ceples” located at 1410m asl in a sea of ferns. Its geolocation makes it a very sunny and warm – welcoming place. The mountain hut is starting point of many trails that may lead you to most notable landmarks in this part of the massif: Solunska Glava peak, Begovo Pole, mountain hut “Karadzicia” etc. After a short break with local herbal tea, get ready to get back to the shadows of the beech-wood forest and delve deep into the heart of Jakupica mountain searching for the Babuna river source.

Half-way down, there is a special spot where the magnificent Solunska Glava peak appears and its mighty Nezilovi Spili (500 meter high vertical rock face) looming above your head reflecting golden sunshine. And finally deep into the forest, following a narrow well-marked trail, Babuna river roam can be heard but with a surprise: there is a small but picturesque waterfall few hundred meters before the springs - stealing the glory of the locale.

Refresh yourself, fill all your bottles with water and get ready for a walk down by a jeep road to Nezhilovo village where you can finish the day in the local fish restaurant by Babuna river. The hospitality and natural beauty of Azot region in central part of North Macedonia will remain in your memory for long time.

Difficulty Grading

MODERATE up to 23km / 14mi / 4-7 hours Longer, but still manageable hikes with more elevation change. For hikers with good level of fitness (regular exercise) who don’t mind the challenge


tours/map hike to springs of babuna

When To Go

Possible 01 April – 14 May and 15 October to 15 November
Recommended 15 May – 15 October
Not available 16 November - 31 March


Available on request


  • Mobile app with maps and route descriptions
  • Detailed hiking route descriptions and maps
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand by support
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel 



  • Private arrival / departure transfers available upon request
  • Extra night before or after the tour
    - In Cheples mountain hut: private rooms: from 10 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 5 €.
    - In Papradishte village: mountain hut (shared facilities): from 15 €/ per person
    - In Bogomila: hotel 1*, private rooms: from 15 € / per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 10 €
    - In Nezhilovo: hotel 1*, private rooms: from 15 € / per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 10 €
    - In Omorane: Authentuc village guesthouse (private accommodation): from 20 € / per person sharing double room; Single supplement from 12 €
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €

Arrival & Departure

By train & car transfer / walk from Skopje:

Trains start from Skopje Railway Station to village Bogomila train station, which is on 9km (20min) drive from village Papradishte, and 9km (20min) drive from village Nezhilovo. Please contact the agency for transfer arrangements. If you prefer to walk to these villages, it will take you ca 2 hours to each of them.

Taxi / private transfer:
 Available on request from Skopje.

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