Difficulty Grades

LENGTH up to 40km / 25mi up to 75km / 46mi up to 100km / 62mi ca 100km / 62mi
CLIMBS fairly flat terrain, with some gentle or short inclinations hilly terrain with moderate uphills mountainous terrain, long uphills, may be going over mountain passes mountainous terrain, with long uphills, steep inclinations, sometimes reaching mountain peaks.
FITNESS cyclists who like to ride leisurely in nice scenery, but also to spend time exploring Regular cyclists, who are used to longer rides and are happy to take an uphill, or two along the way Good level of fitness and regular training. Endurance to ride long stretches of uphil Aimed at regular sportive / club riders experienced in long rides and on difficult terrains

LENGTH Easy hikes, designed for people who enjoy the outdoors and relaxed walks with ample time to enjoy the attractions along the route. 12-18km / 8-11mi 16-23km / 10-14mi 22-30km / 14-19mi
HOURS 3 – 6 hours
Terrain may be rugged, with some hills, but not too strenuous.
4 – 7 hours
Longer, but still manageable hikes with more elevation change.
5 – 9 hours
Long hikes with possible long and steep ascents and descents. Trails may be rough and rugged.
FITNESS Suitable for fit and active people, with some hiking experience For hikers with good level of fitness (regular exercise) who don’t mind the challenge Experienced hikers who love a good challenge. Should be ready to walk all day with more elevation gain

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