biking selfguided

  • Meet the locals! We have created our cycling routes on local roads with low traffic, connecting small villages and few towns. These towns are usually historical or tourist places where it is very nice to spend the night. You will meet on your way local people who live away from the city rush – they live slow. And, in general, Macedonians like to socialize. So, most of them will be happy to chat with you, to show you the way, or the best place to eat, or the local shop… Take your time. You are on your independent holiday and you have all the time in the world. It is your choice how long and what will you explore.
  • Price! Get the same experience for less money. Not only that you don’t pay the guide fees, but also guide’s expenses (lodging, food, etc.)
  • Freedom! You don’t have the ‘group schedule’. You choose where, when, and what to eat, and for how long. If you prefer to choose your co-riders instead of riding with a group of people you have never met before – this tour is for you. Enjoy the freedom to ride at your own pace, to spend more time at some site, or, to take a swim in the lake on the way… You don’t feel like riding uphill? We can always arrange a transfer to take you to the mountain pass where you can get off and enjoy only the downhill. You wish to ride slow, or, to challenge yourself? Why not? There is no schedule to follow.
  • Responsibility! Our holiday package includes maps, detailed route explanations with photos, smartphone app to follow the track! Your luggage will be transferred to your next hotel, so you can travel light and enjoy the places along the way. We will provide you with a helmet, lights, locks, a spare tube, a pump, tire levers, patches and a multi-tool. This means that not only you need to follow the routes independently, but also, if you have a flat tire on the road, you are expected to know how to fix it yourself. You can call us, of course, if a bigger damage happens. Also, please call us if you wish to skip some route and stay more in one place. We will be happy to arrange the transfer for you.

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