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Difficulty: Moderate
1 Day
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Ride from Krushevo to Bitola will take down Bushava Mountain, and across the waste fields of Pelagonia plane. Or, if we consider the different nationalities and cultures in Macedonia, this would be the ride between the Vlach community (Krushevo) and Macedonian community (Bitola).
Historically, you will be riding through the land of kings: King Marco (12th century) built his walls and towers on the hills above Prilep; Tsar Samoil (10th century) died here from heart attack when he saw his defeated army coming back from Constatinopole; Perseus (2nd century BC) fought for the city of Stibera here, before he surrendered to the Romans…

 Today, this is a land of tobacco and wheat fields, with few quiet villages along the road, as well as the history landmarks. It takes mostly on local asphalt roads, passing through the villages with one or two local grocery stores where you can buy water, snacks, or make your simple ‘socialist worker’s style lunch’: a quarter of a loaf of bread, butter or pate, white cheese, spring onion and fresh tomatoes.


Krushevo is the highest town in the Balkans, known as the center of the most important battles in the Macedonian history, but also for the rich Vlach traditions and art crafts, and for the mouthwatering dishes, including the Krushevo spiced sausage and their sweet, soft lokum that melts in the mouth. You can explore this small town on foot, but also on a bike if you prefer, and ride to:
- The Makedonium monument, built in honor of the first uprising of the Macedonians against the Ottoman Empire in 1903; or, to monastery
- Monastery of the Holy Ascension (Sveto Preobrazenie), located at Bushava mountain at an altitude of 1,560 meters. The construction of the church built on the basis of a middle age church was sponsored by Tose Proeski - Macedonia's best pop singer.
- Mechkin Kamen - a monument built in honor of the band of the Vlach rebel, Pitu Guli, who died in the battles during the Ilinden uprising in 1903.
- The house of Nikola Martinovski, one of the best Macedonian painters. A permanent exhibition is displayed in the gallery hall of the house.
- Or, you can just wonder around, admire the typical Krushevo Architecture, and taste some of their specialties.
- Don’t miss to visit and to climb the bell of St Dimitrija church in village Obrshani: the view of Pelagonia plane from the church bell tower is worth the climb.
- Remains of the ancient city Stibera. The oldest artefacts from Stibera date back to 6th century BC, and it is presumed that it was among the one of the biggest cities with around 20.000 free inhabitants in the period from 1st to 3rd century AD, when it was suddenly destroyed. Among the 28 monuments and 27 cult marble statues and portraits that were excavated here, there were also the statues of Asclepius, Hermes and Bacchus, and coins from the era of Philip II, Perseus and Alexander III of Macedon.
- French Military Graveyards from WW1. One of the largest cemeteries in Macedonia where 6.262 identified soldiers rest on more than 30.000m2, and about 7.000 other unidentified soldiers are grouped in a collective ossuary.
- Heraclea Lyncestis: the ancient city built by Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. A site with time preserved courtrooms, theater from the Roman era, as well as residences and basilicas of Christian period, and exhibition of coins, jewelry and other items used by the residents of the city.

Difficulty Grading

MODERATEup to 75km / 46mihilly terrain with moderate uphillsRegular cyclists, who are used to longer rides and are happy to take an uphill, or two along the way


tours/krushevo bitola map

When To Go

Possible15 April – 15 May and 15 October to 01 November
Recommended16 May – 14 October
Not availableAll other dates


Available on request

  • Detailed cycling route descriptions and maps
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand by support
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel

Options & Supplements:
  • Arrival / departure transfers available upon request
  • Rent of bike: from 21 € /per day
  • Luggage transfer
  • Accommodation in Krushevo
    Guesthouse (private room): from 20 € /per person sharing double room
    4* hotel: from 35 € / per person / sharing double room;
    Single supplement: 20 €
  • Accommodation in Bitola
    Family traditional hotel: from 25 € / per person / sharing double room;
    Single supplement: 15 €
    4* hotel: from 35 € / per person / sharing double room;
    Single supplement: 20 €

Arrival & Departure

By bus:
from Skopje to Krushevo: Daily
Price: 8€ (430mkd) / per person / one way
From Bitola to Skopje: Daily
Price: 8€ (430mkd) / per person / one way
Please contact the agency for current bus departure times

Private transfers:
Available on request

Bike Information

Available on request

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