Activity: HIKE
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
3 Days
1 night in hotel,
1 night in mountain hut"
Available on request

from 189€ + 60€ local costs

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  • 2 Nights
  • Max 13 km per day
  • Easy / Moderate
  • 3 days hiking
  • May to October


This weekend hike is made from the highlights of every walking tour in North Macedonia: the hikes to Treskavec monastery and to Golemo Ezero (Big glacial lake) in Pelister national park. These hikes are of easy/moderate difficulty, with walks from 3 to 5 hours a day, taking in two completely different scenery: the first one takes you by the boulders and granite rocks to one of the most important shrines in North Macedonia – Treskavec monastery, and the second and third day hikes are in the protected zone of national park Pelister, taking you to the “Eye of Pelister” – a glacial lake at 2.200m height. You will stay in a traditional family-run hotel in Bitola, and in the mountain hut by Golemo Ezero lake with basic accommodation (dorms), located in a beautiful 5* scenery.   


  • King Marko’s medieval towers in Prilep
  • Treskavec monastery
  • Bitola, the city of embassies and consulates, with romantic neoclassical architecture and small lively squares 
  • Crveni Steni in National park Pelister
  • Golemo Ezero (the big glacial lake)
  • Heraclea Lyncestis – the city built by Philip II is on 25min walk from the central pedestrian street in Bitola and from your hotel. 

Difficulty Grading

EASY / MODERATE up to 18km / 11mi
3-6 hours
Terrain may be rugged, with some hills, but not too strenuous. Suitable for fit and active people, with some hiking experience


tours/map treskavec pelister


DAY 1: Treskavec monastery 

Our hike to Treskavec monastery begins at the city of Prilep and Markovi Kuli, or Marko's Towers - the medieval towers of King Marko on the rocks above Prilep. It travels by a well-established single track in a landscape of granite slabs and boulders which golden-crimson colors reflect the sun rays and unveils an impression of another planet. The monastery is always hidden from your sight as you walk towards it, but the landscape up north is dominated by a mountain peak looming a hundred meters above it – called Zlatovrv (Golden peak 1422m asl.). As you pass over the last ascent you will see Treskavec - laid as an eagle’s nest among vertical rocks and granite slabs. Religious pieties have been held here in Roman era, as well as early-Christian basilica remnants have been used in building the current byzantine style church Sveta Bogorodica (St. Holy Mother of God) that is found in the heart of the monastery (XIV cent.) and has preserved frescoes from the 15th century. Return back from Treskavec monastery on the same path, or, if you prefer, we can arrange a transfer to bring you back to Prilep in 25 min drive, where you can take the train or bus from Prilep to Bitola in the afternoon. Once in Bitola, you can explore it with a stroll along Shirok Sokak Street - a pedestrian-only walkway lined with colorful, romantic, neo-classical buildings and lively cafes. Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia, and has managed to maintain its 18th and 19th century architecture in the center of town. These buildings tell of the former glory of the town, when every major European country had a consulate here. Overnight in Bitola. 
Hike: 13,3 km / 831m D+, 831m D-


Rising above the city of Bitola, Baba Mountain dominates the Pelagonija valley like a rooftop. It is home of the oldest National park - “Pelister”, the first officially protected natural reserve in N. Macedonia since 1948. This area is full with wildlife, particularly mountain swallows, mountain goats, deer, wolves and brown bears for which the park is famous for. The flora is represented by a unique ancient five-needle “molika” pine trees, which are species of tertiary age, found only in few mountains in the Balkans. The first significant landmark on our route is Crveni Steni (red rocks) at the altitude of 1500-2000m asl – its name is a reminder of the frontline and battles that took part here in WW1. After 4km hike we come to another landmark: The Rock. It is the most usual place where hikers take a break and enjoy the beautiful vistas of the surrounding ridgelines and peaks. From here we continue over the ridgeline directly to the big glacial lake ‘Golemo Ezero’. Enjoy the tranquility and the “isolation” of this wonderful place in the afternoon. Overnight in the mountain hut ‘Golemo Ezero’.  
Hike: 6,3 km / 1.108m D+


Golemo Ezero is the larger of the two glacial lakes in Pelister National Park called “The eyes of Pelister”. It is situated in a cirque at altitude of 2.218m asl – with an average dimension of 220m by 190m and depth of 15m it marks it as one of the largest glacial lakes in North Macedonia. If you prefer to walk down to Nizepole on the same route you came up, you will have enough time this morning to explore and to refresh in the lake as it takes only 3 hours to get down. Or, if you are up to a bigger challenge, you can walk up to Pelister peak (2.601m) and descend on the rocky trail and through the molika pine woods down to hotel Molika (1.420m) where you can take transfer to Bitola. 
Hike Golemo Ezero - Nizepole: 6,3km / 1.108m D-
Hike Golemo Ezero – Pelister summit: 13,3km / 690m D+
Hike Pelister summit – hotel Molika: 13,2km / 1.356 D- 

When To Go

Possible 15 May – 31 May / 16 October – 15 November
Recommended 01 June – 15 October
Not available 16 November – 30 April


189 € + 60 € local supplement / per person
Price is valid for min 2 participants sharing double room / dorm respectively


  • Accommodation: 1 night in family-run boutique hotel in Bitola (based on 2 
    participants sharing double room), 1 night in mountain hut Golemo Ezero / dorm /
  • Transfer from Bitola to Nizepole and back to Bitola train / bus station 
  • Baggage transfers
  • Meals: breakfast included
  • Detailed hiking visual route descriptions and maps
  • Mobile app with uploaded tracks with visual descriptions and locator
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand-by support (cell phone and contact person)
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel



  • Supplement for single room accommodation: 19 € (available only in Bitola)
  • Supplement for full board (1 x lunchbox, 2 x dinner): 42 € / per person. Vegetarian and vegan meals available on request
  • Private arrival / departure transfers from / to Skopje available on request
  • Extra night before or after the tour
    - In hotel 3* in Prilep: from 25 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 15 €. 
    - In guesthouse in Prilep (private rooms):  from 15 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement 15 €
    - In mountain hut “Golemo Ezero” by the lake: from 20 €/ dorm accommodation
    - In guesthouse in v. Nizepole: from 22 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 €. 
    - Hotel 3* in Pelister national park: from 22 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 €. 
    - In Bitola, boutique hotel in the pedestrian area: from 25 € / per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 € 
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €


  • Hotel boutique in the center of Bitola, on 6min walk from pedestrian walk-way Shirok Sokak. 
  • Mountain hut (dorm) by Golemo Ezero lake.   

tours/treskavec pelister/001
tours/across north macedonia/006


By bus from Skopje: 
Buses start from Skopje Central Bus Station to Prilep Intercity Bus Station, which is on 20min walk from the petrol station Salida where the tour starts, and ends. From here you can take the bus to Bitola Intercity Bus Station after the Treskavec hike. Car transfer from hotel in Bitola to Nizepole is included in the tour price. 
By train from Skopje: 
Trains start from Skopje Railway Station to Prilep Train Station,   which is on 20min walk from the petrol station Salida where the tour starts, and ends. From here you can take the train to Bitola Train Station after the Treskavec hike. Car transfer from hotel in Bitola to Nizepole is included in the tour price.   

Private transfers from Skopje: 
Available on request. 


By bus from Bitola: 
Buses start from Bitola Intercity Bus Station to Skopje Central Bus Station. Car transfer from Nizepole to bus station in Bitola is included in the tour price.   

By train from Bitola: 
Trains start from Bitola Train Station to Skopje Railway Station. Car transfer from Nizepole to train station in Bitola is included in the tour price.   

Private transfers to Skopje: 
Available on request. 

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Since 2004 we create authentic, high quality tours in the Balkans. North Macedonia is our homeland, we have walked and biked every corner of the country and we make sure that the balance between the activities, the "must see" attractions and the "off-the-beaten-track" experiences gives you the true Balkan - intense, hearth warming and often life changing experience.


* Strict company risk management on each tour that we operate available
* 24/7 for anything from enquiries to emergencies
* Macedonia Travel has liability insurance by Winner - Vienna Group
* "A" licensed by the Ministery of Economy of North Macedonia UP 113-101
* IATA license No. 76-3 2058


 * Change your travel plans up to 30 days before departure, with no fees.
 *After you pay the deposit, the rest of the amount can be paid any time until 30 days before departure

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