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Difficulty: Easy / Moderate
1 Day

Available on request

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One of the most beautiful mountain regions in North Macedonia can be found in the narrow valleys of Leshnica creek and Pena river – a pure alpine-like glacial valley and steep almost vertical 1000 meters high mountain sides. All of that is nested in the central part of Shar Planina and the easiest hike to get there is from Popova Shapka ski resort and the plateau just below the summit of Plat.


A downhill with Titov Vrv (the highest peak in Shar Planina) just above you, takes you down to Upper Leshnica area at 1700m asl. The last ice age has left miraculous scars in this terrain and as soon as you get to the upper base of the valley, you will hear a waterfall in the near distance – Leshnicki waterfall. As you pass by the sheepfold mind the dogs – call out the shepherd – chances are you will meet several autochthone mountain shepard dog called Sharplaninec – whose job is to tend the sheep from wolves and bears – and this area is full with wildlife.

Further down, the narrow valley broadens as Plat and Sreden Kamen eastern sides open up to a larger and flatter valley of river Pena – this area is known as Dolna (Lower) Lehsnica. It’s at altitude of 1450 meters and it is a popular place for picnic reachable only by foot, mountain bike or by all-terrain vehicles. Having a break here comes naturally as this flat area puts you like on a small pedestal from where one is enclosed by massive natural formations such as is tall coniferous trees, overhanging rock faces, limestone cathedrals and almost vertical couloirs.

The serenity of Dolna (Lower) Leshnica can be spoiled only by herds of mountain goats that are our hosts in this extraordinary natural region – the heart of Shar Planina mountain range.

Difficulty Grading

EASY / MODERATE up to 18km / 11mi/ 3-6 hours Terrain may be rugged, with some hills, but not too strenuous. Suitable for fit and active people, with some hiking experience


tours/map lesnica waterfall and glacial valley

When To Go

Possible 15 May – 31 May and 01 October to 15 November
Recommended 01 June – 30 September
Not available 16 November – 14 May


Available on request


  • Mobile app with maps and route descriptions
  • Detailed hiking route descriptions and maps
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand-by support
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel



  • Private arrival / departure transfers available on request
  • Extra night before or after the tour
    - In mountain hut “Konak”(private rooms): from 15 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 euro
    - In hotel ‘Scardus’ 4*: from 26 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 10 €.
    - In tents (available on request) .
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €

Arrival & Departure

By bus and car / van transfer from Skopje:

Buses start from Skopje Central Bus Station to Tetovo Bus Station. Price for one way ticket: 3 € From bus station in Tetovo we will arrange transfer to Popova Shapka ski resort – price 10 €

Taxi / private transfer from Skopje:

Available on request

Please contact the agency for current bus / train schedules

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