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Difficulty: Easy
1 Day
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Easy walking from village Omorani in Azot region to local monastery – a perfect opportunity to be introduced to the traditional Macedonian countryside life, food and customs. We guarantee you will recall the smell of your grandma’s kitchen from your childhood. The guesthouse in Omorane is perfect, quiet place for a countryside break, and also for bigger hikes to the springs of River Babuna, to mountain hut Cheples and to Solunska Glava peak on Jakupica Mountain.


North Macedonia in its geography has its own Massif Central in the mountain range of Jakupica. The mountain massif is centrally located in the heart of the country and it is composed of several constituent mountains: Jakupica-Mundzica, Goleshnica, Dautica, Karadzica, Kitka and Osoj. The most prominent peak and actually its highest peak is Solunska Glava (2540m asl).

We suggest this easy hike of 4km and 300m D+ that takes an hour of walking from village Omorane to Monastery St.Nikola in the of part of Jakupica known as Mukos mountain. It is a combination of a country-side experience and a hiking tour.

In village Omorane you can visit the local people to get introduced in their slow countryside lifestyle. You will see how they still thread the tobacco leaves manually and how they extract honey the old fashioned way. On your way back you can collect some fresh eggs right from the roost and goat cheese from a small goat farm nearby.

On the way to the monastery the route takes you by jeep-road and beautiful panorama opens-up of a part of this region known as Azot and the peaks of Jakupica in the back. The locals can teach you how to find and collect herbs from nature, how to store them and use them in medicine (tea, tinctures, oils). You will learn all about lemon balm, thyme, St Johns wort and many more!

The monastery itself is a place of tranquility so take your time to “charge your spiritual batteries”. As much as you enjoy your countryside experience in North Macedonia, we believe that leaving your positive impact on this place and its people will be inspirational and fulfilling both for you and the local inhabitants. Whether it is about protecting their natural sources, or about making this village a better place for living and receiving guests in future, they will certainly appreciate your positive energy

Difficulty Grading

EASY Easy hikes, designed for people who enjoy the outdoors and relaxed walks with ample time to enjoy the attractions along the route.


tours/map omorane to st nikola

When To Go

Possible All other dates
Recommended 15 April – 15 November
Not available


Available on request


  • Mobile app with maps and route descriptions
  • Detailed hiking route descriptions and maps
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand by support
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel 



  • Private arrival / departure transfers available upon request
  • Extra night before or after the tour

      In Omorane: Authentuc village guesthouse (private accommodation): from 20 € / per person sharing double room; Single supplement from 12 €

      In Teovo: monastery rooms (shared facilities): from 15 € / per person
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €

Arrival & Departure

By train & car transfer / walk from Skopje:

Trains start from Skopje Railway Station to village Teovo Train station, which is on 7km from village Omorane.

From Teovo we will arrange your transfer to Omorane (10min) or, if you prefer, you can walk (1h 30min).

Please contact the agency for more info0rmation on train schedule and transfers from Teovo to Omorane.

Taxi / private transfer: Available on request from Skopje.

Why Travel With Us?


Since 2004 we create authentic, high quality tours in the Balkans. North Macedonia is our homeland, we have walked and biked every corner of the country and we make sure that the balance between the activities, the "must see" attractions and the "off-the-beaten-track" experiences gives you the true Balkan - intense, hearth warming and often life changing experience.


* Strict company risk management on each tour that we operate available
* 24/7 for anything from enquiries to emergencies
* Macedonia Travel has liability insurance by Winner - Vienna Group
* "A" licensed by the Ministery of Economy of North Macedonia UP 113-101
* IATA license No. 76-3 2058


 * Change your travel plans up to 30 days before departure, with no fees.
 *After you pay the deposit, the rest of the amount can be paid any time until 30 days before departure

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