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Difficulty: Easy / Moderate
1 Day
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The oldest National park in North Macedonia is “Pelister” – on Mount Baba rising above the city of Bitola. During your hike in the predominantly alpine pine forests you will be treated with magnificent views of the Pelagonija valley and Bitola, Lake Prespa and the prominent mountain ranges Galicica, Jakupica and Nidze. The mountain has historical importance as a silent witness of WWI frontlines and the horrible faiths of the soldiers that fought here.


One such remnant is the locale known as Crveni Steni (Red rocks) – its name given by the locals because of the fearsome battles a century ago that left many a soldier mortally wounded in this area. Thus the local rocks, rivers and fields have “Red” in their topo name. Back then it was an important strategic position but today Crveni Steni is the most popular hiking destination in the National Park.

Pelister National Park has an area of 12.500 ha and it is the first officially protected natural reserve in N.Macedonia since 1948. There are many peaks above 2000m asl that are split by deep glacial valleys and the highest being Pelister peak (2601m). An interesting geographical feature are stone rivers – moraines that reveal the geological composition of the Mount Baba. Other beautiful features are two glacial lakes called “The eyes of Pelister” – the larger lake “Golemo Ezero” has a small mountain hut that one must stay in when exploring the Park, for the amazing sunrise.

We propose an easy to moderate one-day hiking tour that in 11km with 800 meters D+ will take you from Hotel Molika via Jorgov Kamen to Crveni Steni and back. The hotel is located in the middle of pine forest – five-needle pine trees locally called “Molika” unique only for this region in the Balkan Peninsula.

The hike begins through well-establish single-track nested in pine forest slopes. Walking through this area gives an impression of being in Scandinavia rather than in the most southern Macedonian mountain. After a kilometer you will reach mountain hut “Kopanki” which currently is being renovated and back again into the forest – for 2 more km you will have to cross a stone river – moraine that has also a mountain spring water source that you can refresh up.

The next point of interest is Jorgov Kamen – a panoramic spot that offers a fantastic view of Pelagonija valley and the city of Bitola and the surrounding villages. After almost 6km of hiking Crveni Steni, your destination reveals itself from the forest. It is located at altitude of 1500-2000m asl, and is considered the most alpine-like section of Mount Baba. It is full with wildlife particularly mountain swallows, mountain goats and brown bears that hibernate here during the winter and for which the mountain is famous for.

Take your time for the awesome views at the other prominent peaks and ridges of Mount Baba. Enjoy the tranquility and the bird tweeting. Give a minute of silence out of respect for the fallen heroes a century ago. The return trip is by the same route you came – get ready for more adventures in this extraordinary mountain region.

Difficulty Grading

EASY / MODERATE up to 18km / 11mi / 3-6 hours Terrain may be rugged, with some hills, but not too strenuous. Suitable for fit and active people, with some hiking experience


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When To Go

Possible 01 April – 14 May and 15 October to 15 November
Recommended 15 May – 15 October
Not available 16 November - 31 March


Available on request


  • Mobile app with maps and route descriptions
  • Detailed hiking route descriptions and maps
  • Local safety information and contacts
  • Stand by support
  • Organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel



  • Private arrival / departure transfers available upon request
  • Extra night before or after the tour
    - In h. Molika 3*: from 22 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 €.
     - In a village guesthouse with private rooms (10km / 22min drive to h. Molika): from 25 €/ per person sharing double room. Single supplement 10 €
    - In Bitola, boutique hotel in the pedestrian area: from 25 € / per person sharing double room. Single supplement: 8 €
  • Rent of Global Positioning System (GPS) console: 45 €

Arrival & Departure

By bus & car transfer from Skopje:

Buses start from Skopje Central Bus Station to Bitola Intercity Bus Station, which is on 30min/ 15km drive from hotel Molika where the tour starts. From Bitola train station we can arrange your transfer to hotel Molika. Please contact the agency for transfer arrangements.

By train & car transfer from Skopje:

Trains start from Skopje Railway Station to Bitola Train Station, which is on 30min/ 15km drive from hotel Molika where the tour starts. From Bitola train station we can arrange your transfer to hotel Molika. Please contact the agency for transfer arrangements.

Taxi / private transfer:

Available on request from Skopje.

Please contact the agency for current bus / train schedules

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