Ready To Rock?

The Iron Gate rocks are one of the best places for rock climbing in Macedonia. This area hosts over a douzen crags with hundreds of routes that range in grade from 4a to 8a.

There are also many routes here that are suitable for beginners and children. Our expert guide - a passionate climber with 25 years of experience in alpinism and rescuer, is also a very patient instructor who will customize the training according to your needs. He has developed training programs from beginners to advanced and progressive, but also a special 'Fun & Climb' program for kids and incentive groups, as well as Rope solo climbing for advanced climbers...

Just For Fun Rock Climbing Program

Never climbed before?

This is a half day program designed for people who never experienced outdoor climbing before and want to have a lot of fun. Our guides and instructors will prepare everything for you, so you can only climb and enjoy.

Beginner Rock Climbing Program

The Beginner Rock Climbing program is designed for individuals who have no or little experience in outdoor rock climbing. The objective is to give participants the skills they need to feel comfortable climbing with experienced friends or to pass a rock gym belayer's test and have a lot of fun.

In this program, participants will learn how to belay and rock climb in a beginner environment on easy to moderate terrain. Instruction begins with an introduction to the design, use, and care of climbing equipment and continues with thorough consideration of the procedures required for top-rope belayed climbing. Then working from fundamentals on balance and posture, the instruction addresses the application of natural hand and foot positions on moderate ground. As we gradually move on to more challenging terrain, we introduce additional hand, foot, and body positions to begin developing a complete repertoire of roped free climbing techniques for each climber.

Advanced Rock Climbing Program

The Advanced Rock-Climbing program was developed as an extension to the beginner program that will provide you not only with the experience of rock climbing, but with the technical skills required to go climbing without the oversight of an instructor or guide. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge required to set up and manage your own single and multi-pitch climbing site independently.

We will teach you how to properly manage all the needed equipment while on the ground and once on the route. Then we continue with learning techniques such as belaying your climbing partner from the bottom and the top of the pitch with use of different types of gear, abseiling/rappelling (skill needed to safely get down or bail out from the routes on ropes at any time), anchors and anchor management, and cleaning gear on single pitch routes. As we progress you will learn everything you need to know about how to safely lead on sport climbing routes, how to lead and navigate multi-pitch routes, and will be introduced to a lot of advanced techniques of rock climbing such as, friction climbing, crack jamming, climbing in a corner and chimney, layback climbing etc.

Progresive Rock Climbing Program

Progressive program is designed to help advanced climbers reach expert level of rock climbing. Objective is to learn most expert climbing techniques, get the high level of knowledge, prepare for the great challenges, enter the world of big wall climbing and expeditions, and learn skills to successfully stay multiple days on the wall.

The program is composed from two levels. Level 1 will give you the set of all the needed skills for trad and alpine climbing. Level 2 is focused on big wall climbing and rock-climbing expeditions.

As we start with Level 1 you will learn how to properly use trad gear. Get high level of knowledge in placing your own protection such as cams/friends, nuts, pitons, and sky hooks and build solid anchors with the same gear. Following, we teach you how to navigate on the wall, read the routes, properly plan your climbs and one of the most important skills in your climbing knowledge arsenal the Aid climbing. After that we will put all the techniques in use. First on a double protected routes where you can practice safely and then on a real trad and alpine routes.

Level 2 of this program will give you the complete set of skills to deal with almost any situation on the walls around the world. This is the ultimate guide to the world of big wall climbing and expeditions of this type.

You will learn how to fix ropes and then use them for different purposes. The technique of Jumaring/jugging (ascending on fixed ropes with specific gear) is next on a list. Then we teach you how to haul extremely big weights with ease up the walls. Very important skill if you are planning to stay multiple days in the vertical world. At the end of this program, we will spend a night on a route, where you will learn everything about sleeping on the wall in a portaledge or on natural ledges.

Rope Solo Climbing

Learn the art of climbing alone on a wall.

You are an experienced climber, but you have a problem finding a climbing partner, or you just enjoy being alone in nature? No worries! Our expert guides and instructors are here for you.

This is a 2-day program where we will equip you with all the possible knowledge and skills for solo climbing. You will learn about the different type of safety gear and how to properly use it on you harness and, on the wall, to protect yourself. After that we teach you the art of self-belaying while climbing, how to fix ropes once on the belay and then use them to clean gear from the previous pitch.

At the end you will have the whole skill set to enjoy solo climbing on either sport climbing or multi-pitch routes.

Night On a Portaledge

Either you are very experienced climber, or you have never climbed before this special program offers the ultimate experience of spending the night on a wall and will give you a taste of life of the alpinists and expert rock climbers, but in a lot more luxurious way.

We will prepare everything for you and guide you thru every step. Your job is to enjoy the perfect views from, feel the adrenaline and have the time of your life.

Program begins with preparation of our clients on the ground. We will give all the needed instructions, get you familiar with the basic equipment (climbing harness and helmet) and the way to use it in a proper way. After that we will make approach to the location on the wall where you will spend your night. This can be done either by climbing relatively easy route or on a fixed ropes, of course with our guidance and help.

Once we set you up on the portaledge, make you comfortable and give you all the needed instructions, we will serve you with a nice dinner and beverage of your choice and then we leave you to enjoy thru the night. But don’t worry! Our guides will stay at the base of the wall for the night, you will be provided with radio and will be able to contact them at any time for any type of questions, any help or evacuation from the wall at any time if you decide that you want to go down. In the morning our guides will get back up for you and get you safely at the ground.

Our portaledges are double, meaning two persons can sleep on it at a time. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to share this ultimate experience with your loved ones, your partners, family members, or best friends.

If you are alone, but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of staying alone, there is always a possibility for one of our guides to keep you a company thru the night.

Sleeping bags, small pillows and all the other necessities for a pleasant stay on the portaladge also will be provided by our guides at the site.

Why Travel With Us?


Since 2004 we create authentic, high quality tours in the Balkans. North Macedonia is our homeland, we have walked and biked every corner of the country and we make sure that the balance between the activities, the "must see" attractions and the "off-the-beaten-track" experiences gives you the true Balkan - intense, hearth warming and often life changing experience.


* Strict company risk management on each tour that we operate available
* 24/7 for anything from enquiries to emergencies
* Macedonia Travel has liability insurance by Winner - Vienna Group
* "A" licensed by the Ministery of Economy of North Macedonia UP 113-101
* IATA license No. 76-3 2058


 * Change your travel plans up to 30 days before departure, with no fees.
 *After you pay the deposit, the rest of the amount can be paid any time until 30 days before departure

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