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adam of macedonia
Adam of Macedonia is an important finding, previously unknown to the scientists. The artistic interpretation of the torso shows the breathing in of spirit, exactly the thing that sets him apart from the remaining living things on earth. This finding changed the perspective of the scientists regarding the studying of this period of human existence. Adam has been estimated one of 10 most important findings of the XX century. (by KingMarkoLand)

After 550 B.C. the Peons became an especially significant force. They were grouped in several tribes, and inhabited the area that can be located from the Grdelicka Canyon on the North, up to Pela and the confluent of the Vardar River in the south, up to the river Struma on East and Pelagonija on the West, including the river Vardar. The Peons have had a strong tribal organization, which is confirmed with the emerging of Peonic tribes that in the second half of VI c. and the first half of V c. B.C. had their money. The Peons were a dominant tribal group on the eastern side of Vardar towards the 6 c. B.C. (by KingMarkoLand)
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