Ohrid Summer

Piano, choir, beautiful, and powerful voices echoing in the acoustics of the church of St. Sofia … talented actors, famous opera singers, bands under the starlit skies performing in the antic amphitheatre overlooking the waters of the Ohrid Lake. The antic amphitheatre comes to life once again after its discovery in 2001, and since then every time the artists step in front of the numerous audience the past melts into the present. 

The Ohrid Festival is held in Ohrid every year. It last 40 days and welcomes artists from all over the world. They come from Italy, Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, China, Canada, Brazil, USA, Great Britain, the neighbouring countries.... to gather here, perform, create and fill the town with their creative energy.

In front of the church of St. Sofia the Cultural Centre and a few other places over 50 cultural events take place every year. Musical concerts, theatrical performances film projections, multimedia projects, jewellery exhibitions – the perfect cultural satisfaction, for the ears the eyes and the soul.
This year there were over 25 000 visitors.  The organisation is always at the highest level and selection of musical pieces, musicians and actors can satisfy the taste of the younger and older generations. Ohrid Summer Festival is an important European festival. It exists 53 years. The first festival was held in 1961, and since then it has developed and bloomed every year.

Shakespeare, Dostoyevsky, Mozart, Verdi and many more have found their place in the air above Ohrid. This festival is a great way to feel the spirit of a nation’s culture, and this happening offers even more. The international artists turn it into an experience of global art. It is an event that must not be missed. The various programmes offer so many possibilities that it is almost impossible not to find anything you like.

The sight is only half of the experience. The sounds, the people and the ideal locations turn the festival into a unique experience. You can say that the locations of the festival are a kind of a pathway to explore the town of Ohrid, and in that process you will come to understand it better and the people living there. 

Talent, superb artistic expressions and timeless archaeological sites-a 

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