Ohrid Summer

Festival Piano, choir, beautiful, and powerful voices echoing in the acoustics of the church of St. Sofia … talented actors, famous opera singers, bands under the starlit skies performing in the antic amphitheatre overlooking the waters of the Ohrid Lake. The antic amphitheatre comes to life once again after its discovery in 2001, and since then every time the artists step in front of the numerous audience the past melts into the present ...

Skopje JAZZ Festival

It is very important for a country to have a unique identity, rich culture, and stories that need to be told, but it is even more important that the people of a country connect to the world in today’s global village. Intermingling cultures is what makes our world today develop and what makes it even more wonderful. Art forms are probably the most sincere forms of expression and something which can be called a universal language. Musical expression takes form of a concert or festival and Skopje has its own musical events. One very important event is the Skopje Jazz Festival. Following the development of jazz trends in Skopje has a 30 year old tradition because of this festival. It started out small in 1982 year after year it developed into an excellently organized festival welcoming world famous jazz musicians ...

A small tour of wood carving pieces

Artistic expression in Macedonian culture takes many shapes, forms and mediums. One very characteristic shape of artistic expression here is wood carving. Here you will find one the oldest and most beautiful wood carvings on the Balkan Peninsula. Although art pieces carved in wood are hard to preserve unlike stone or metal, still there are plenty very well preserved wood carvings, especially in churches and monasteries which are worth seeing. If you are a lover of art and your spirit is at least a little adventurous, hop in your car, and create your own route through Macedonia to visit and admire the beautiful wood carvings and iconostasis in the medieval monasteries ...

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