About us

Travel & professional business services since 2004

Macedonia Travel was launched in 2004 by professionals with over 10 years of know-how in the travel business, dedicated to tailor truly memorable holidays for our clients, according to their travel style and accommodation choice.

* Our idea is LUXURY IN THE EXPERIENCE: our tours are planned by passionate and committed travel experts who continuously visit the sights, stay with the locals and explore the opportunities beyond the itinerary, thus giving that extra experience to every trip.  

* Our principle is HIGHEST QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE: we make all arrangements well in advance, we choose carefully our suppliers and guides and we take care of all the details, from our traditional welcome to the farewell dinner for each group or individual guest. Our support agents are available 24/7 for any travel plan changes, any extra services or to provide rescue team in any place in Macedonia. 

* RESPONSIBILITY: Staying with the locals at some points of your tour will not only contribute to their better living standard and prosperity, but it will also make your experience more authentic and memorable. Their warmest welcome and hospitality are original. We add to it our training for better service and benefit from their new skills.

* LEAVE NO TRACE –  As the initial supporter of Leave No Trace in Macedonia, we train our guides and the municipalities to practice and to teach the basic principles and skills of this movement.  This training is implemented partly, or as complete camping experience in the tours we arrange

* AWARDS: Award for Best Macedonian Inbound Tour operator in 2013 by the Macedonian Ministry for economy for our unique off-the-beaten track tours and for the highest quality in our service.

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