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Dear Velika, Ivona and Marijana,
Just to add my voice of thanks for an excellently organized and utterly enjoyable -- as well as intellectually stimulating -- conference!
Best wishes always,
Victor Friedman 
Dear   Ema , 
What a week !!!!!!!  A true and beautiful adventure. I loved EVERY minute. You were the most generous and best of hosts. 
I so hope we meet again. A very big thank you again.  
I hope you have recovered from our party night. I rested all day Thurdsday and yesterday ...... 
Back in the studio, now. I have a few questions for you - names of the delicious dishes and feasts, particularly. 
I hop you can help. I will write a list of queries and send shortly.
Many thanks.
Wishing you all the best of everything.

I have just emailed my thanks to Kim for such a successful Macedonian venture and of course we all owe equal thanks to you for organizing everything so well and for looking after us in such an amazingly generous and committed way. You really are a travel agent extraordinaire. Indeed you acted more like a friend than a travel agent and that is what I hope you have become. We had the most marvellous time, with some excellent and varied walking, a nice cultural overlay, great camaraderie and some great evenings - highlights being the pizzas in Bitola and the seashore restaurant you arranged for our last night in Thessaloniki - when you and Mariane joined us. This last gesture was typical of the 'going the extra mile' attitude that both you and Kim showed throughout and which I can assure you the whole party frankly found pretty amazing and greatly appreciated. You were also both joyful companions (as was Simon) and added an extra dimension to our otherwise geriatric party. Thank you SO much everything!

We will keep in touch and will try to get you across here for our 
traditional reunion in the new year.

with best wishes

Dear Velika, Ivona, and Marjana,
I just want to thank you once again for the wonderful ICTM Study Group meeting last week.  It was all planned so perfectly, and included fantastic company, music, food & drink, sheepfold, and--of course--papers.  I loved every minute of it and know that you three were responsible for making it all so successful.
Hvala puno!
Margaret Beissinger
Mili, prekrasni gospozhi,

I dvamata s Gary sardechno blagodarim za chudnoto prezhivyavane, svarzano s patuvaneto i prestoja ni v Makedonia. Susnavam kolko trud, vreme, surce i energia ste vlozhili v organizatsiyata na tozi symposium i vi pozdravyavam za uspeshnoto mu provezhdane.

Daniela, s nay-topli chuvstva
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