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People come to Macedonia for different reasons - to visit, to work, to travel, but they all have one thing in common - each one of them leaves Macedonia as a guest. Or, decides to stay here forever. I never knew what is it that keeps them coming back here again, and again, because I was born here and I lived here almost all my life. It is very normal for us to hug and kiss three times when we meet, to invite people for a coffee or lunch in our house, to help and receive help from others whenever we need it, to knock on someone’s door in the middle of nowhere and be received as a friend and a guest, and immediately put at the table with rakiya and meze. One decent home in Macedonia should at all times have rakiya, something for meze, coffee and slatko (a kind of fruit jam served in little saucers), because you never know who and when will knock on your door.

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So, ready at all times. Doing business in Macedonia is more formal, regarding the greetings (handshaking is common), dress code, exchanging business cards, appointments (regardless of the meeting place – it can be the office, but also very often in café bars or in restaurants). English, French and German are spoken in most business circles. And, according to the latest World Bank report "Investing Across Borders 2010" Macedonia was placed among the ten countries where a business could be established in a short time, and indicates that it takes up to eight days to register a company with six procedures. In this report, Macedonia was given a maximum of 100 index points for protection of property rights, 85.6 points for lease and concession procedures, 68.4 for access to information involving property legislation, 93.1 for legal regulation and 69.7 points for judiciary.
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