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Here lives the Orient. In the heart of the Balkans you will find markets just like the ones in the Middle East, like the ones that existed in the heart of ancient Persia, in the heart of Arab cities. Markets for everything. Fabrics, garments, footwear, paints, tools and materials, electrical equipment, school accessories, up to fruits and vegetables with strong natural flavors derived from unpolluted fields, and grown on the sun. Along the old cobblestones you can find stores just like those that existed in the 19th century, with handmade jewels and souvenirs.

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And the villages, those museums of Macedonian tradition will welcome you with a lunch from Macedonian cuisine, and you will be able to buy some of the traditional Macedonia cheese, but most of all rakiya (grape brandy). Also, for those who cannot give up the convenience of shopping with style there are temples of shopping. Malls in the Macedonian cities are becoming bigger and better. You can find all major brands – from clothing to appliances. Many malls will offer you a place to rest in case you become tired of windows shopping and browsing.
And finally, if you are satisfied, it is a custom to tip the waiter with 15%, in order to be even more satisfied the next time you come around. Try it, you will not regret it!
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