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Situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, major part of Macedonia has continental climate, though one may find moderate Mediterranean as well as mountainous climates. This is a country with cold winters and hot summers. During the long winters, places with wonderful snowy landscapes have mountainous climate. Hot and dry summers and relatively cold and wet winters can be found in areas with continental climate. In these places the winters can have temperature below 15 degrees Celsius, while the summers can be devilishly hot and with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Still, the humidity contributes to bearable temperatures, and soft climate. Average temperature during the summer is about 35 degrees Celsius, though during some nights you may reach for a sweater – especially if you are at a mountain. Winters, on the other hand, are icy cold, with temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, often with snow and blizzards. Macedonia is a land of water: On a yearly level, it rains 500 mm to the east, up to 1.700 mm to the west of the country.
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