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events january

Carnival of Vevcani, Vevcani

Based on ancient pagan rituals and beliefs, Carnival of Vevcani is held annually on the 13th toward the 14th of January, on the Vasilitza - Orthodox New Year, when, according to the Julian calendar, the new year begins. Participants, with a fantastic sense of humor, satire and sarcasm, mark events of everyday life and mock the authorities, politics and social issues. In 1993 the carnival and the village Vevcani officially became part of the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC) Epiphany, Skopje and Ohrid Epiphany - Epiphany celebrations are held in Macedonia in the memory of the day when Jesus was baptized. Every 19th of January, Macedonian Orthodox believers celebrate baptism of Jesus Christ in Jordan River, with a ritual that comes from the belief in the purifying powers of water. Traditionally, each year, holy people throw a wooden cross in the river and the believers jump for it. It is believed that the one who catches the cross will be blessed and will be accompanied with happiness throughout the year. The central celebrations, marking the Epiphany, are those on the Stone Bridge, over the river Vardar, in Skopje and Ohrid Lake.
events february

St. Trifun

Each year in Macedonia, on the 14th of February, the holiday of Saint Trifun is being celebrated, the day of the patron saint of grapevines and people who cultivate them. Traditional honors start in the early hours, when men from the village go to the grape vines and cut three tiny sticks from three main tree trunks, they make a cross and pour some wine on the grapevines. During this ritual, it is customary to serve wine and brandy to the passersby at the grape plantations, in the ecclesiastical courts, as well as in the wineries. St. Trifun is also celebrated as an alternative to the catholic holiday St. Valentine’s Day - day of love and affection. This is why, on this day, people organize large parties and festivals, on which they gather up and drink wine together.

Days of Comedy, Kumanovo

The International Festival was initiated and prepared, for the first time, in 1998. It is a gathering of representatives from professional theaters and independent theatrical productions in Macedonia, whose purpose is to celebrate comedy, humor and new trends in this theatrical genre.

Carnival of Сtrumica, Strumica

Strumica Carnival is a centuries-old tradition of the town of Strumica and directly connected to the religious holiday Trimeri, marking the beginning of the Lenten fast, which always begins on Sunday, the evening of Procka (Day of Forgiveness) and lasts until Wednesday. The date of the carnival changes depending on the date of Easter but it is always on Tuesday, after Pure Monday. The only event of its kind in Macedonia, dedicated to the “armasans” (engaged) girls. During the celebration, another carnival is held in the form of a parade of masks around the city, with a large number of participants from many countries and with unique individual and group masks. Traditionally, after the carnival procession, the masked groups visit the homes of the engaged girls, where the engaged girls should recognize their fiancés. The masks are original, different, made by the participants themselves who, through the splendor of colors, figures and creativity, with various motifs and themes, aim to demonstrate the endless struggle, dualism and antagonism between good and evil, realism and sarcasm, irony, satire and tradition. In 1994 Strumica became a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC), and in 1998 hosted the 18th International Congress of carnival cities. “Blagceto na Baba” (Grandma’s sweets), Veles For more than 17 years, the citizens in Veles are celebrating the event “Blagceto na Baba”. The event started as a way of sustaining the tradition of home-made sweets. Each year, women from Veles, and the surrounding areas, make sweet delicacies such as halva, baklava, furmi, tatliya, shekjerleminja. They make this after the recipes of their own mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, in order to motivate younger generations to continue to prepare the same delicacies in their homes and retain the Macedonian culinary tradition. Besides continuing the tradition, people organize donations for various charity needs.
events mart

Skopje Film Festival, Skopje

Every year in March, passionate film lovers have the opportunity to see more than 50 movies during the five-day International Film Festival in Skopje. The scope of the movies completely varies, but usually, the festival screens some of the latest Macedonian, European and worldwide non-commercial movies. Screenings of short films and a variety of film workshops are also part of this festival, whose sole purpose is to celebrate the filming arts.

Skomrahi, Skopje

Skomrahi is an international meeting for film and drama to the students from Southeast Europe and Austria and is aimed at strengthening regional cooperation in the drama academies and encouraging mutual cooperation. Another very important aspect of Skomrahi is stimulation of interethnic cooperation and communication, and creation of a positive attitude towards regional cooperation and identity. Simultaneously, the festival stimulates the development of fine arts in Southeastern Europe. This event, which began in 1988, grows and changes by fulfilling the needs of the students and the audience and by achieving the specified goals. The objectives of Skomrahi include animation and promotion of culture, raising the quality of educational programs, exchange of experience and knowledge of students from different countries, exploring new ways of creating, cooperating on projects, encouraging young artists and raising the quality of the shows
events april

DanceFest, Skopje

During the four years of existence, this festival has become a recognizable brand in Macedonia and abroad. The task of Dance Fest Skopje is to present the contemporary development of the National Ballet and other prestigious companies in the region, Europe and the world. During this event, many of the most reputable experts, in modern dance, participate as dancers or lecturers. The basic idea is to follow trends in the development of modern dance in the world, to exchange experiences, to present the Macedonian contemporary dance scene outside our borders and to develop and educate new, young audience. As part of its program, Dance Fest partners with important European national and regional companies, as well as many prestigious dance companies which are dedicated to contemporary dance activities.
events may

May Opera Evenings, Skopje

Since 1972, May Opera Evenings are one of the most visited events in Skopje. Over the years the scene of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet hosted numerous ballets, operas and many concerts. This event is a real challenge for professional artists and a wonderful musical experience for the audience. The program consists of works that are a real treat for lovers of classical music. The festival continues the practice of bringing talented performers from former Yugoslavia, Europe and USA.

The Small Montmartre of Bitola, Bitola

Each year, between 23th and 30th of May, in Bitola is being held international child artist colony known as the Small Montmartre of Bitola. Over 50 young and talented artists create their works on the streets of Bitola, making the city even more beautiful with their energy, friendship and creativity. Young artists, from all around the world create art on the subject of old Macedonian architecture. They are inspired by ancient architecture in Bitola, and other cities in Macedonia.

International Amateur Drama Festival, Kocani

Even if it takes place in a small town in eastern Macedonia, with only 30,000 citizens, the International Amateur Theatre Festival is one example of a carefully planned and organized event in the cultural program of Macedonia. The main objective of the festival is a cultural and artistic assessment of all achievements in the fields of amateur theater and drama clubs, in order to motivate and stimulate the play writers and actors, especially the young people. More importantly, in recent years (since 1961), the festival has fully grown into a genuine event and with unique concept. Today, TAF consists of three categories: Children, National and International Amateur Theatre. Other activities, that are also part of this event, are portraits of artists, art exhibitions, concerts, debates, promotion of books and multimedia projects.

The sounds of the Bazaar, Skopje

The sounds of the bazaar is a festival promoting the cultural heritage of the Old Bazaar. The Old Bazaar is one of the last places in which one can see the old Macedonian crafts and their construction in a traditional way. The emphasis is on promoting the traditional crafts and unique architecture of the Old Bazaar as well as promoting this unique destination as a place for expressing other forms of alternative arts that harmoniously correlate with the unique space. Concerts, exhibitions, film and children's program, and performances of jugglers and puppeteers, D-Jays are just part of the comprehensive event called "The Sounds of the Bazaar”. During the festival, for two days and two nights in a row, guests can see all of the advantages and traditions of the bazaar which bring together past and present, people and nations, music and entertainment.

Skopje Marathon, Skopje

Since 2007 the City of Skopje and most of the sports institutions, organize athletic marathon in Skopje in the second week of May. During the marathon, which takes place throughout the streets of the city Skopje, three races are included: Marathon - 42,195 km, half marathon - 21 097 km and recreational race Actives and Humane - 5000 meters. The races are held in the categories men and women, while the children's race, of 2000 meters, is held alongside river Vardar. This event aims to grow into traditional event and put Skopje on the map of cities that can offer its citizens and visitors wide-ranging and complex marathon.

Traditional climbing on Titov Vrv, Sar Planina

To celebrate the birthday of Josip Broz Tito, the person after whom the highest peak of Sar Planina is named, on the first week after the 25th of May there is a group climbing on Titov Vrv, organized by the mountaineering associations from Macedonia. During this event, there are several hundred enthusiasts of sports and recreational hiking, coming from Macedonia and the region and organized by the mountaineering associations or individually.
events june

Baskerfest, Skopje

At the beginning of June, for a week or 10 days, the city of Skopje is turning into one big street theater, featuring hundreds of street performers from all around the world. Various acrobatic, juggling and pyrotechnical performances are held on several locations around the city, as well as concerts and presentations by artists from the performing arts. Actors participating in this international and multicultural "Open Circus" share not only fun but part of their culture and cultural values to the citizens of Skopje and their spectators.

Skopje Summer Festival, Skopje

As a much needed refreshment during the hot summer days in Skopje, from 21st of June to 31st of July, Skopje is organizing a forty days, rich in events, cultural “Skopje Summer festival". For the 25 years of its existence, the festival has offered rich and diverse program including concerts, theatrical performances, art and photographic exhibitions, poetry readings, multimedia projects, opera and ballet performances, and selected film screenings. During the hottest summer months, Skopje is a host of various outdoor events in various locations, such as the fortress Kale, alongside Vardar River, the mysterious Kapan An and Suli An in the old Bazaar and in the city park. Other events are held in museums, galleries, theaters and even in restaurants and bars.

Off Fest, Skopje

Organized since 1999 as an Off program of the Skopje Jazz festival, Off Fest grew into a very distinctive festival of world recognized music. This festival takes place at various locations in the city of Skopje, depending on the performers, who are best of the best in the world music industry. So far, this festival was enriched with the performances of Eliades Ochoa, David Byrne, Madredeus, Asian Dub Foundation, Zuko 103, LTJ Bukem, Cesaria Evora, Lila Downs, Patty Smith, Gotan Project and many other famous performers.

Vojdan Chernodrinski Theatre Festival, Prilep

One of the best international theater festivals in Macedonia, Vojdan Chernodrinski is held each year in Prilep from 1965; usually, it starts the first Friday in June and lasts for the next seven days. The festival got its name after the founder of the Macedonian drama, Vojdan Chernodrinski (1875 - 1952), playwright, actor, manager and producer of theatrical performances. Over the years, the festival increased the number of participants, and theatre groups from the Macedonian region and Europe, while the plays are performed in accordance with a competition program for prestigious award. The aim of the festival is to increase creativity and to present the contemporary theater, world-class acting and performance, but also offer close contact between artists and audience.

Folk instruments and Songs Festival, village Dolneni (near Prilep)

At the end of May or early June, the day which, according to the religious calendar, is known as the Ascension of the Lord (Spasovden), in Prilep’s village Dolneni starts the traditional festival of folk songs and instruments. The festival is dedicated to the folk artist, the bagpipe player Pece Atanasovski, the man who, out of 1800 bagpipe players in the world, won the reward “Golden Bagpipes” in 1968 in Eric, Sicily. The festival, held in a place called Rudina, brings together several hundred artists and more spectators each year. The competitive part of the festival is held in this natural amphitheater, located 12 km from Prilep. This is also the gathering place of carefully selected artists and lovers of the folk original music performed on traditional instruments.

Asterfest, Strumica

International Film and Video Festival of Southeastern Europe. AsterFest is a festival held in late June in Strumica and focuses on film and video works by authors from South-Eastern Europe. Asterfest, with its first three editions, aimed at registering, promoting and immortalizing the value of the works signed by filmmakers from the new millennia. Strumica, the most sought muse for the restless artistic spirits, is also the hosts of dazzling events. About 50 countries contribute to this event by producing more than 300 short and long projects, which are included in the following programs: Asterdocs, The Balkan fiction, a woman / a film, Movieland, Mary-diones and Homages - focused on authors from South-eastern Europe and EU countries.

Makedoks, Skopje

The festival of creative documentaries, MakeDoks is held at various locations primarily in the Old Bazaar and in other locations in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. The programme is of international nature and is divided into the official selection, films, Macedonian retrospective documentaries,etc. The festival’s awards for best performances are "Onion" (Kromid) and "Young Onion" (Mlad kromid).
events july

The Galichnik Wedding Festival, Galichnik

Every July 12th, on St. Peter's day and in marvelous village Galichnik, which is a museum and embodiment of Miak cultural heritage, the citizens organize the well-known Galichnik wedding. This event respects traditional customs and rituals of the Galichnik Wedding, but also helps to preserve folk songs, dances, and widely known Galicnik’s attire. At this wedding, also known as wedding with the biggest number of witnesses, a big number of traditional rituals and customs are being respected, customs such as waiting for the drums, mother-in-law’s dance, carrying the bride to a spring, placing the wedding banner, inviting the dead, shaving the groom, accepting the bride, making bread, wedding in the church of “St. Peter and Paul”. All of this is accompanied with zurlas and drums which can be heard “from Galichnik to Reka”. Galichnik wedding is a ceremony of old traditions, preserved as they were once held and organized into a cultural and tourist event. The rituals, carried out as authentic as possible, describe the history of the people of Galichnik from ancient times (the ritual "Inviting the dead"), to the modern era (ritual "Firing the gun"). In this way, they preserve and cherish the cultural heritage of the country.

Ohrid Summer Festival, Ohrid

Ohrid Summer Festival is one of the largest and most important festivals of Music and Drama in Macedonia. The first concert was held in 1961, in the church of St. Sophia, which is a real treat for music lovers mostly because of its exceptional acoustics. Ohrid Summer Festival is held each year from 12th of July up to 20th of August. Every year, the festival's reputation grows and becomes more and more remarkable with its quality and quantity of the presented artistic accomplishments. Over the last 48 years, the festival brings together artists from around the world, offering events for every taste, a number of concerts, theatrical performances, poetry readings, and ballet performances. Most of them are performed in a magical atmosphere of the ancient city. Among the most eminent artists who performed here are Zubin Mehta, Jose Carreras, Ennio Morricone, Mstislav Rostropovich and others. Since 1994, the festival is a part of the Association of European Festivals

Blues & Soul Festival, Skopje

This festival, which was established in 1996, starts in early July and lasts for almost a whole week. The continued interest and appreciation of the festival further confirms the value of Skopje when it comes to quality music. The Festival itself is part of the festival Skopje Summer Fest, and the performances of the blues and soul musicians such as Larry Coryell, Mick Taylor & All Stars Blues Band, Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff, João Bosco, The Temptations, Tolo Marton Trio have put the festival on the Macedonian cultural map as a mandatory event that simply must be visited.

Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances, Ohrid

Traditionally, for 40 years in a row, this very interesting festival starts in early July. Ohrid is the host of vocal, instrumental groups and solo performers from Macedonia, Balkan and other countries in Europe and elsewhere. These performers present their authentic folklore and traditional culture through dances, songs, rhythms, traditional clothes and local costumes, traditional musical instruments and handicrafts. In the last years of its existence, the event gathered about 40,000 folk singers, dancers and musicians from Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, as well as France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Australia, USA, Canada, Malaysia and other countries. More than twenty years, the Balkan Festival of Folk Songs and Dances is a member of UNESCO Associations of CIOFF (Council of International Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art) and IOFA (International Organization of Folk Art).

Monodrama Festival, Bitola

In 1999 the Cultural Centre in Bitola initiated Monodrama Festival in Bitola. The festival began locally, with only representatives from Macedonia, but as time passed by, it evolved into regional and later into international monodrama festival which takes place in the second week of July, each year. Today, together with the international festival of small theatrical forms in Otesevo, which takes place one week earlier, the festival turned into an attractive place for international exchange of experience and cooperation.

Beer Fest, Prilep

Beer Fest in Prilep is an international festival of beer and barbecue. The major events occur on the streets of Prilep, usually in early July. Many reputable manufacturers of beer, from the Balkans and beyond, participate in this event. Sausages and burgers, endless rivers of beer and quality music greatly contribute to the joyous atmosphere of this three-day festival.

Ohrid Swimming Marathon, Ohrid

Each year, in the second half of July, the elite group of marathon swimming is gathering from all around the world to take part into the contest Ohrid Swimming Marathon. The marathon, which is under the auspices of President of Macedonia, is a member of the official World Swimming Club as part of the 12 marathons that are held around the world. All of them are under the patronage of the FINA World Swimming-federation. The Marathon is about 30 km long, starts at the monastery of St. Naum and along the coast. Contestants reach the end of the race in the center of Ohrid. The track record is set in 2000 at a time of 5:19,49 hours.

International Festival of Ancient Drama, Stobi (near Veles)

The festival is held in the magical atmosphere of the archaeological site Stobi, reminding the audience at moments when the theater had a huge impact on the whole society. In order to preserve the tradition of classical theater, from 1992, at the initiative of actors of the theater in Veles, ancient theater texts are being performed on the scene of the ancient amphitheater. Since 2004, this tradition turns into an international festival of ancient drama and, each year, it manages to attract a growing number of theater artists from around the world. Stobi’s ancient scene is particularly impressive because of the possibility to create real spectacles in authentic setting of the ancient theater, through resurrection of the texts by Sophocles, Aristophanes, Euripides and other ancient authors.

Breeders of Sheep and Goats Day, Bistra, Mavrovo

International Festival “Breeders of Sheep and Goats day”, is carried out on 11th and 12th of July, on Mount Bistra, between the villages Mavrovo and Galichnik. The first day is reserved for an international conference and workshop, while on the second day there is multitude of interesting games such as competition in throwing stones, contest in sheep shearing and milking, as well as anonymous cheese contest. For the duration of this event, awards are being given for the best breeds of goats and sheep

Krusevo – Ethnocity

Tourist uprising, Krusevo - ethno city is a result of a local initiative, in which the entire city Krusevo turns into an outdoor theater, where all the residents of the town are actors. In ethno city, the local population is dressed in traditional robe of the Movement, as Turkish troops, or in folk costumes, which are made by the housewives. In this way, they reconstruct the historical period of the year 1903, the year when the famous Uprising in Krusevo occurred and led toward the establishment of Republic of Krusevo. The city, which, with its surroundings, is a museum by itself, from 20th July to 10th August becomes an authentic place for experiencing the Macedonian historic past, allowing you to participate in the life that happened over 100 years ago.

Pitijada, Rostuse

The event "Traditional Reka’s Pie Day" known as "Pitijada" is held the last Saturday of July in the village Rostuse. As part of the program, visitors go around the villages in Reka; they take a look at the waterfall Duf, visit the monastery of St. John Bigorski and attend a cultural and artistic comprehensive program. Afterwards, what follows is degustation of the pies, prepared by the housewives from Rostushe and other places in close vicinity to Reka. There is a contest in trying to find the best pie and for the most delicious pie, rewards are in order.
events august

Struga Poetry Evenings, Struga

Each year, 3 to 5 days during August, the city of Struga turns into the capital of Poetry in the country. The event, which is taking place each year since 1961, traditionally begins with reading the poem “T’ga za Jug” (Longing for the south) written by Constantine Miladinov. During this event the city is in a poetic trance and, with all the activities, poetry readings, panel discussions, and promoting books, the participants show their appreciation to the poets and their work. On the festival, besides the top prize “Zlaten venec” (Golden Wreath), which is awarded for the overall work to poets from more than 30 countries, other prizes are “Brakata Miladinovci” (Brothers Miladinovci). This award is given for the best book in Macedonian language, while the award “Mostovite na Struga” (Bridges of Struga) is given for the best poetry book from all over the world. The Evenings of Poetry are a major event where words of the poets echo through the years together with the humane messages and their power to enrich and bring people together. Struga Poetry Evenings are like a real holiday for the city, and for all lovers of poetry. They have become an important cultural event in the world of literature and manifestation through which, like glancing through an open window, one can see and hear what happens in the world of poetry, in that divine "country without borders".

Balkan Music Square, Ohrid

The idea behind this cultural event, which takes place for couple of days in Ohrid, mostly in the ancient theater, is a contribution for greater rapprochement of the people in the Balkans and affirmation of the similarities and differences, the desire and the possibility for successful cooperation and coexistence. The name Balkan square signifies a symbolic place that offers free entry to all those who wish to be part of culturally united Balkans. Each year, the festival is a host to some of best ethno groups in the Balkans, who produce traditional music typical of their region and combined with contemporary sound. In the future, the program manager plans to include performers from Western Europe, not only because of the growing interest of the performers and the audience, but also because of the desire to enrich the current repertoire.

Ilinden, Krusevo and Pelince

Ilinden or day of St. Ilija is a national and Macedonian Orthodox holiday, which is celebrated on the 2nd of Audust. Ilinden is of special significance to the Macedonian people. It is a holiday consisting of three events of national and spiritual nature. First one is is the day of St. Ilija. The second event marks the beginning of the Ilinden Uprising in 1903 and the third event marks the first session of ASNOM in 1944. Today, Ilinden tradition is interwoven with patriotic, religious and folklore symbols, making it one of the most important holidays in Macedonia. During the duration of this holiday, various ceremonies are organized in different locations around the country. Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated in Krusevo, Meckin Kamen (Bear’s Rock), near the monastery St. “Prohor Pcinski”, and a memorial center called "Pelince”. Also, there is a celebration that takes place on the traditional refugee gathering in the village of Turnovo. One of the most authentic Ilinden events is the traditional arrival of the horsemen in Krusevo, who start their traditional march from Gorno Lisice, in Skopje. They do this every year on 27th of July. There is a route that allows climbers to go on foot from Skopje all the way to Meckin Kamen.

Ethno Square - international ethno-festival, Berovo

On 27th and 28th of August Berovo is hosting the International Ethno Festival - Etno Square Festival, featuring the performers from different countries and creating a fusion of different cultures. The aim is to present traditional values and everything that comes with it, not only in the region in Malesevo but also to the guests who are present on this ethno festival. During the festival, the square in Berovo undergoes visual reconstruction and lets you experience the spiritual past and tradition. As part of the festival, another event is held. “Malesevijata na Dlanka” is a traditional fair of local products that present traditional food, handicrafts, souvenirs and carvings. In this place you can enjoy traditional specialties (cheese and dairy products, processed fruits, honey and other bee products), handicrafts of wool and cotton, whose production is a venerable tradition in Maleshevia, different types of carving, art works of wood, canvas, ceramics, glass and textile in different sizes and with different motives, which are specific of Maleshevia, but also of other regions in Macedonia and beyond. During the festival, the square in Berovo can feel the spirit of the tradition with folk songs and dances, produced by traditional instruments like flute, bagpipes, drums and zurlas.
events september

Risto Siskov Festival of Chamber Theatre, Strumica

Risto Siskov Festival of Chamber Theatre is taking place from 1992 in honor of the great Macedonian actor Risto Siskov in Strumica. Since 2005 the festival has an international nature. The festival usually begins on September 8th, while the number of plays and the duration of the festival changes each year. The profile of the festival, dedicated to the actor and his acting, provided a high place in the hierarchy of cultural and civilized benefits that legitimize the Republic of Macedonia, the great talent of Macedonian acting Risto Shishkov and all previous winners - Macedonian theater stars.

Young Open Theatre, Skopje

Founded in 1976, this festival focuses on the creativity of theatrical performances and is an ideal event for enthusiasts of the theater, who can enjoy five days of theatrical magic. The birth of the International Theatre festival, Young Open Theatre - Skopje was a burst of positive energy, imagination and desire for change in the theatrical map, creating new criteria and values, supporting youth theater writers in their search for radically different audiences and modern sensibility. Through years of maintaining and growing YOT created its own and unique identity: it acknowledged the international nature with performances of more than 380 different theaters and other alternative groups from across Europe, USA, Canada, Venezuela, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mali and others.

White Night, Skopje

White Night is an event which puts Skopje among the modern cities by filling the streets, squares, museums, galleries, shops, theaters and places of art and culture with various artistic elements and events. Night of the Art or White Night provides the citizens what they want - art for everyone and from everywhere. The idea behind this event is to transform the city into a meeting point for artists and audience, while showing the citizens how contemporary art can respond to the places and spaces of their everyday life and let them to enjoy the art and the traditional art centers such as museums, galleries, cinemas, etc. On this night, Skopje, breathes, lives, loves and creates art, regardless of forms and criteria.

Pivolend (Beerland), Skopje

During the month of September, for the time span of 4 days, the event BeerLand is taking place in the fortress of Skopje,. This festival, created with celebration with beer in mind, offers its guests, besides the usual stands with Macedonian, regional, European and World beers, particularly interesting music and entertaining opportunities, divided into several segments. Music scenes are divided into main, silent and ethno-world stage, and there is cinema and outdoor dance podium, where visitors can play social games related to beer. With over 150,000 visitors Pivolend is one of the most massively visited events in Skopje and in Macedonia in general, which shows that Macedonians are devotees of beer and good fun.

Traditional climbing on Korab

Due to the holiday 8th of September, the day of independence of Republic of Macedonia, there is a traditional climbing event on the great Korab on Sunday, organized by the mountaineering associations of Macedonia. During this event the participants climb the highest peak in Macedonia, with the permission of border police and the army. Part of this enterprise is presence of hundreds of fans of sports and recreational hiking from Macedonia and the region. Since this is one of the most difficult peaks to climb in Macedonia, it is recommended that all who want to try this venture need to be in good physical condition.
events october

Brothers Manaki Film Festival, Bitola

Brothers Manaki film Festival begins at the end of September and early October each year. This festival, also known as Camera Festival, is dedicated to the first cameramen in the Balkans, brothers Milton and Janaki Manaki, who were cameramen at the beginning of last century in Bitola. The best part during the festival is “Camera 300" - the official competitor of films from latest European and world production. Directors of photography, who have worked on the films, are competing for Gold, Silver or Bronze Camera 300. Besides the official competition, part of the festival is committed to short films, which, though not of competitive nature, screens a selection of the best movie adaptations in the last two years. Student’s program “Brothers Manaki” is dedicated to young talents - students of film academies and schools worldwide. As part of the festival,other side events are also organized, such as workshops, seminars, debating sessions, exhibitions etc. The reward golden Camera 300 is reserved for the leading cinematographers in the world, and it is a reward for a lifetime achievement.

Skopje Jazz Festival, Skopje

Skopje Jazz Festival is a must destination for all those who enjoy good music! Though it promotes a genre which, at first, seems remote from the local culture and tradition, the festival managed to attract a large audience and build a reputation of a prestigious festival, not only in Macedonia but also in the Balkans and Europe. Skopje Jazz Festival is known for the presence of artists that enjoy international fame and recognition in the global music scene, with an abundance of quality and diverse content. Some of the greatest jazz musicians, who were part of this festival, are the amazing jazz legend McCoy Tyner, the African attraction Femi Kuti and his positive energy, Brazilian star Rosalia De Souza, Tito Puente, Ray Charles, Jusu N'Dour, Herbie Hancock, Marisa Monte , Maria Joao, Chik Korea, Marshall Allen and many more.
events november

Festival of European Film CINEDAYS, Skopje

A festival of European films – CineDays is taking place since 2002, in the art-cinema Frosina, which is located within the Youth Cultural Centre. Since its foundation, up until now, CINEDAYS International Film Festival has grown into a high rating event which promotes European cultural values and traditions, with an accent on the European cinematographic heritage and development and nutriment of the cinematic culture in general. Also, this offers an opportunity to the domestic audience to become familiar with the latest and best film achievements, as well as some of their authors, and deepen the interest and familiarity with the cinema. This festival, besides the official program, also offers documentaries, music concerts and other entertaining and valuable contents.
events december

Taksirat, Skopje

Taksirat Festival, held annually in December, since 1999, is the greatest rock 'n roll event in the city of Skopje and in the whole of Macedonia. This festival started as a small local, Balkan Fest, but in the past years it managed to be a host to a lot of famous rock stars such as Iggy Pop, Fun lovin 'Criminals, Buzzcocks, The Roots, Marky Ramone and others. As part of this festival, there is another festival for newcomers - Winner fest and the main award is a possibility to perform on the great Taksirat Festival.

World gallery of caricatures, Skopje

World gallery of caricatures, founded more than 40 years ago, is one of its kind in the world. World gallery of caricatures of Osten establishes an atmosphere of encouragement and development for caricatures and caricaturists from Macedonia and the rest of the world. By using humor and satire, caricatures, as a work of art and social comment, fulfill their function and occupy a central place in this festival. The exhibition of the world gallery of caricatures organizes contests and rewards the best caricatures and caricaturists.

World gallery of drawings, Skopje

As an additional but separate event, besides the World Gallery of Caricatures, Osten also organizes the World gallery of drawings, which has a competitive nature and purpose to present the drawings and the graphics. The gallery of Osten remains active for fans of drawings and graphics throughout the next month.
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