Mariovo off-road (event registration fee)


Category: Mountain bike tour, nature, rural 

Area: South East Macedonia

Tour duration: 2 days (1 night)

Evaluation of the Track:
Choice of 3 tracks available: Moderate, Difficult and Extreme

Price per person: 9 euro

Per person: 558,00 MKD


Meet Macedonia behind the civilization margins. The most remote part of Macedonia with untouched beauty of boulders and crystal clear rivers, with rich historical heritage which still exists here due to the rebellious locals who never accepted Islamization during the Ottoman rule. Today, there are only few hundred inhabitants on this vast plain of 1.300 living in their centuries old stone houses, always happy to welcome guests passing by their scattered villages. Meet your tour host, choose your camping location, set up your tent and enjoy the outdoor party with DJs and rock bands.
IMPORTANT: Please note you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and bike. If you need to rent a bike please contact Macedonia Travel. 


You can join one of the three biking tours today, depending on your physical condition (Please view itinerary & denivelation for more information on trails):

1. Mountainbike for advanced bicycle riders, on steep mountain roads and passes, mostly offroad.

 2. Mountainbike which could be considered moderate, for casual bikers. There will be still some parts of the route in offroad, but without the steep and difficult parts.

3. Road bike tour, created for riders with great physical fitness and technical knowledge. It covers long roads with total vertical climb of 1.930m.

DAY 2:


Trail No1: evaluation 3 of 4 (difficult)
Start: 568 m / 1.864 ft
Highest point: 984 m / 3.228 ft
Finish: 568 m / 1.864 ft
Distance: 48,4 km / 29 mi
Estimated riding time: 5-7 h
Ascent: 1.470 m / 4.823 ft
Descent: 1.470 m / 4.823 ft
Total offroad: 90% (macadam, dirt-road, rocks, single-tracks, rivers)


Trail No2: evaluation 2 of 4 (moderate)

Start: 556 m / 1.824 ft

Highest point: 988 m / 3.241 ft

Finish: 568 m / 1.864 ft

Distance: 42,2km / 26 mi

Estimated riding time: 5-7 h

Ascent: 1.137 m / 3.730 ft

Descent: 1.137 m / 3.730 ft

Total off-road: 30% (macadam)


Trail No 3: evaluation 4 of 4 (extreme)

Start: 565 m / 1.854 ft

Highest point: 1.137 m / 3.730 ft

Finish: 565 m / 1.854 ft

Distance: 105 km / 65 mi

Estimated riding time: 7 h

Ascent: 2.792 m / 9.160 ft

Descent: 2.784 m / 9.134 ft

Surface: 100% asphalt

Date: 31May – 01June

Price per person: 9 euro (Registration fee only)


Price of registration fee includes:

Water and isotonic

Breakfast and lunch on 01 June

Experienced bicycle guide on the riding routes

T-shirt “Mariovo off-road”

Organization and logistic by Association for promotion of cycling VELOEVROPA-Skopje

What to pack


Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and other camping equipment you may need.

Small backpack for daily use (your baggage will be sometimes transferred from point to point)


Footwear: comfortable sport shoes.

Casual shorts/cycling bibs


Jacket: 1 rain-proof jacket

Sweater: a thick one







Trip voucher

Money:  cash; you can also use your credit card (Master, Visa) in Skopje and Prilep. Feel free to ask your guide for help.

Travel insurance

Personal medications

Protection: Helmet, gloves

Additional: Tools, spare tire, patches and kits

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