Category: Mountain bike, Trekking, Nature, Rural

Area: Macedonia

Tour duration: 12 days (11 nights)

Evaluation of the Trek: moderate – difficult

Best period: April – October

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_1

The best sightseeing tour of Skopje on a bike: through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Bazaar, via picturesque bridges and squares, parks and districts with significant monuments, museums and baroque buildings. Overnight in Skopje.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_2

Warm-up day to the Millennium Cross on Mount Vodno and St Panteleimon church. Aftrenoon walks in Nature reserve Matka, “the Mother of all species”. Overnight in Mavrovo.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_3

Ride in Mavrovo Nationa Park, by the lake and up to the pastures on Bistra mountain for some cheese and delicious homemade bread. Visit Sharkova dupka cave on your way back. Overnight in Mavrovo.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_4

Start the day with a ride around Mavrovo Lake, and than drive by the Albanian border to a traditional village by Ohrid Lake for overnight. Visit of the remarcable St Jovan Bigorki and Rajcica monasteries on the way. Overnight in Vevcani.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_5

Early morning ride on the ridge of Galicica Mountain and down to a fishermen village by the lake for fresh trout for lunch. Explore Old town of Ohrid in the afternoon, the UNESCO World heritage town. Overnight in Ohrid.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_6

Following the road by Ohrid Lake we'll make a circle today around it, see the cave churches in Radozda, than ride on the Albanian sied of the lake, and back in Macedonia to visit St Naum monastery and the Bay of Bones. Overnight in Pelister.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_7

A day on foot in the National Park Pelister, famous for its endemic five-needled Molika-pine, lynx and bearded eagle. Stay in a guesthouse for lunch and learn how to cook Macedonian style. Overnight in Pelister.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_8

Ride in most isolated part of Macedonia : Mariovo The terrain is rather rocky in some parts with dirt roads, at some points you will need to carry your bike across one of the crystal clear rivers, and you will eat deloicious homemade meals, prepared on wood stove or simply on fire.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_9

Take a moderate hike by the medieval ruins of King Marko and by the natural boulders of Gold Mountain to Treskavec monastery.. From here, you can try bouldering to the peak Zlatovrv (+ 1hour) or enjoy a cup of tea with Father Kalist in the monastery. Overnight in Krusevo.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_10

Enter into the picturesque history town of Krusevo, an open museum of history and typical architecture. We'll cycle through the narrow streets of Krusevo and into the woods by the surrounding villages. Overnight in the Macedonian wine area.

macedonia on two wheels/Days/day_11

Choose your pace today: you can either take it active and climb on the rocks of the Iron Gate, or, you can relax with an hour or two of yoga session with our yoga instructor. Afternoon visit of ancient city of Stobi. Overnight in Skopje.

Hiking Albania_Macedonia/Days/day_10_skopje

Transfer to airport for your flight home.

Day 1 & 11
The hotel in Skopje is located in a quiet residential area, just 2,5km from Skopje downtown. Opened in 2013, it offers spacey rooms with comfortable beds, seating area and fully equipped bathroom. Every room is airconditioned, with LCD TV, Cable TV, free Wi Fi, and minibar. 

absolute adventure/Day9/outside
absolute adventure/Day9/reception
absolute adventure/Day9/restaurant
absolute adventure/Day9/rooms

Day 2 & 3

The hotel is located at the altitude of 1300 meters on the slopes of Bistra Mountain in Mavrovo National Park. It offers rooms equipped with satellite TV, free Wi Fi,  telephone, mini bar, a private bathroom and balcony with a wonderful view on the ski runs.

absolute adventure/Day2/outside
absolute adventure/Day2/lobby
absolute adventure/Day2/restaurant
absolute adventure/Day2/rooms

Day 4
Accommodation in village Vevcani is in traditional, 19 century houses, built in original, old architectural style. The hospitality of the hosts is original and warm, and their cuisine is one of the best in Macedonia. All rooms are equiped with own bathrooms, and WiFi is free of charge. As there is limited capacity for accommodation in each house, we picked few of the best hosts to welcome you here.  

absolute adventure/Day8/outside
absolute adventure/Day8/inside
absolute adventure/Day8/rsz_1restaurant
absolute adventure/Day8/rooms

Day 5
The hotel in Ohrid (3*)  is located only 500m from Ohrid Lake, overlooking the main pedestrian street of Ohrid Old Town. It offers 32 air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, minibar and private bathroom, and 1 restaurant. 

absolute adventure/Day6/hotel_cingo_ _outside
absolute adventure/Day6/hotel_cingo_ _lobby
absolute adventure/Day6/hotel_cingo_ _restaurant
absolute adventure/Day6/hotel_cingo_ _room

Day 6 & 7
Hotel Molika is a 3***   hotel, placed in the pine forest of the National Park Pelister. One of the rare places where you can become one with the untouched nature, rest from the daily life and enjoy the impeccable service of the hotel's personnel.  All rooms are equipped with phones, TV with satellite program, free WiFi in public areas, mini-bar, toilets and central heating.


Day 8
The hotel in Prilep is located under the hills and medieval towers of King Marko. Each of its 29 rooms is equipped with an international direct telephone line, free wireless internet connection, mini bar, cable TV, SOS alarms, central air conditioning and fully equipped private bathroom. 24 hour room service is available to the guests.

absolute adventure/Day4/outside
absolute adventure/Day4/reception
absolute adventure/Day4/restaurant
absolute adventure/Day4/rooms

Day 9
The hotel in Krusevo is warm and authentic, designed in typical Krusevo style. It's located in the town center. All of the rooms have private bathrooms, TV, free WiFi and excellent service and hospitality.

absolute adventure/Day5/outside
absolute adventure/Day5/lobby
absolute adventure/Day5/rooms
absolute adventure/Day5/spalna

Day 10
The Popova Kula Hotel offers unique experience to its guests with its distinct 4 suites and 7 rooms, each carefully named after, and decorated in the colors of the wine type they represent. Each is equipped with telephone and internet connection, air conditioning and balcony giving view to the breathtaking surroundings – true enjoyment for nature lovers.


macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day1

Day 1

Time: 2 hrs

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day2

Day 2

Estimated riding time: 4 h

Start: 253 m / 830 ft

Highest point: 1043 m / 3422 ft

Finish: 253 m / 830 ft

Distance: 24 km / 15 mi

Ascent: 986 m / 3235 ft

Descent: 984 m / 3228 ft

Total off-road: 5 km / 3 mi

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day3

Day 3

Estimated riding time: 5-7 h

Start: 1241 m / 4075 ft

Highest point: 1727 m / 5666 ft

Finish: 1241 m / 4075 ft

Distance: 42 km / 26 mi

Ascent: 1256 m / 4121 ft

Descent: 1252 m / 4108 ft

Total off-road: 21 km / 23 mi

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day4

Day 4

Estimated riding time: 3 h

Start: 1244 m / 4083 ft

Highest point: 1331 m / 4366 ft

Finish: 1244 m / 4083 ft

Distance: 32 km / 20 mi

Ascent: 633 m / 2075 ft

Descent: 633 m / 2075 ft

Total off-road: 0 km / 0 mi

Day 5

Estimated riding time: 4 h

Start: 1035 m / 3501 ft

Highest point: 1607 m / 5272 ft

Finish: 738 m / 2421 ft

Distance: 42 km / 26 mi

Ascent: 1199 m / 3934 ft

Descent: 1496 m / 4908 ft

Total off-road: 5 km / 3 mi

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day6

Day 6

Estimated riding time: 8 h

Start: 700 m / 2295 ft

Highest point: 1011 m / 3317 ft

Finish: 700 m / 2295 ft

Distance: 93 km / 58 mi

Ascent: 1088 m / 3571 ft

Descent: 1088 m / 3571 ft

Total off-road: 0 km / 0 mi    

Day 7

Estimated hiking time: 4,5 h

Start: 1420 m / 4659 ft

Highest point: 1857 m / 6093ft

Finish: 1420 m / 4659 ft

Distance: 11 km / 6,8 mi

Ascent: 437 m / 1434 ft

Descent: 437 m / 1434 ft 

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day8

Day 8

Estimated riding time : 4 h

Start: 668 m / 2195 ft

Highest point: 735 m / 2411 ft

Finish: 668 m / 2195 ft

Distance: 33 km / 21 mi

Ascent: 1138 m / 3734 ft

Descent: 1138 m / 3734 ft

Total off-road : 10 km / 6 mi

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day9

Day 9

Estimated hiking time : 5 h

Start: 723 m / 2372 ft

Highest point: 1256 m / 4120 ft

Finish: 723 m / 2372 ft

Distance: 15km / 9,3 mi

Ascent: 533 m / 1749 ft

Descent: 533 m / 1749 ft

macedonia on two wheels/itinerary/day10

Day 10

Estimated riding time : 5 h

Start: 1193 m / 3914 ft

Highest point: 1380 m / 4528 ft

Finish: 1193 m / 3914 ft

Distance: 49 km / 30 mi

Ascent: 1461 m / 4793 ft

Descent: 1461 m / 4793 ft

Total off-road : 0 km / 0 mi

Price per person: Call for pricing

Included in price:
Accommodation: 9 x hotel (3*), 2 x guesthouse
Meals: 11 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 10 x dinner
Transport of tour participants and their bikes
Full escort by English speaking bike guide
Reforestation certificate for one tree planted in your name in Macedonia
Full organization and logistic by Macedonia Travel

Not included in price:
Drinks during the meals
Rent of bike (12 eur per day, helmet included)
Travel insurance (recommended)
Any extra services and expenses not mentioned under „included in price“

What to pack

Small backpack for daily use

Water bottle

Footwear: comfortable sport shoes

Casual shorts/cycling bibs


Jacket: 1 rain-proof jacket

Sweater: a thick one



Swimming suit           





Trip voucher

Money:  cash; you can also use your credit card (Master, Visa) in Skopje and Veles. Feel free to ask your guide for help

Travel insurance

Personal medications

Protection: Helmet (please contact us if you need to rent a helmet in Macedonia), gloves

Additional: Tools, spare tire, patches and kits

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