Participation Rules


MOTORCYCLE ROAD tour is a recreational and tourist, cultural and historical adventure 

and exploration, mostly in rural, mountainous areas on pavement roads on the territory of 

Macedonia and abroad. 

1.2 Participation 

Anyone who is interested in road adventures can participate on the road tours organized by 

Macedonia Travel, providing they have accordingly prepared motorcycle for road riding. The 

crew of each motorcycle can constitute of a driver and co-driver, as allowed by motorcycle 


Driver must possess a valid driver's license. 

2.1 Vehicles 

All vehicles must be registered and technically correct. The organizer doesn’t bear any 

responsibility for the consequences of possible traffic fines. 

2.2 Equipment: 

All participants must possess and wear full motorcycle riding gear and protective equipment. 

2.3 Recommended Additional Equipment: 

Basic tools 

Tire Repair Kit / Puncture Repair Spray 

First Aid Kit 

3.1 Safety of participants 

During the ride, the driver and pillion are required to use all protective riding gear. 

Use of alcohol and/ or narcotic drugs is forbidden while driving 

Respectful behavior is required and bad language, irresponsible and risky driving will not be 

tolerated. Any separation from the group and /or random unannounced stop is forbidden. 

During the ride every participant is obliged to take care of the vehicle behind, and if notices 

that it is slowing down or stopping to inform the other participants. 

3.2 Environment protection 

It is prohibited to dispose garbage along the roads or any other place that is not provided for 

that purpose. 

All participants are obliged to care for public and private property and not to destroy it 

(meadows, fields, forests, etc..). Organizer bears no responsibility in case of any sanctions. 


3 Traffic Regulations 

All participants are obliged to respect the applicable traffic rules and regulations. 

By applying for participation, participants confirm that they have read, understood and 

accept the provisions of the Participation Rules and the Terms and Conditions of Macedonia 

Travel, and are aware of all risks. 

Owners are entirely responsible for their vehicles, themselves and their personnel effects 

while on the tour. The organizer is not responsible for any damage, sickness, injury or death 

howsoever caused to persons or vehicles whilst on the tour. Participants will be expected to 

sign a disclaimer before the start of the event.
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